Together, We Can Defy Gravity, as CAEOP turns 70
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CAEOP in Action!

A Message From Your President

Happy Spring!  Our conference in Garden Grove was amazing, our speakers and workshops

were informative, and we all gleaned information that will help us at our worksites. I made new

friends and caught up with friends from other affiliates. We honored our Office Professional of the

Year, our Administrative Professional of the Year, scholarship winners as well as our poster

contest winners. We recognized talented newsletter editors, and affiliates. We were honored to

have National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP) Board members Wendy

Heslink, CEOE, Past President, and Teresa Himmelberger, CEOE, Southwest Area Director of

NAEOP in attendance.

I want to thank the membership for electing me to serve the 2019-20 term as your president. A

special thank you, to those who have agreed to serve on the board and “Defy Gravity” with me. I

would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I love animals especially dogs, owls and unicorns.

In my spare time I volunteer for our local zoo “California Living Museum (CALM). CALM is

unique because all the animals and plants are found in the wild in California, with the exception

of the Children’s pare and petting area which is farm animals.  

I was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama when my parents attended the University of Alabama, Roll

Tide! I moved to Bakersfield when my mother was recruited to teach for Bakersfield City School

District where she taught elementary school for 40 years. I attended local schools from

kindergarten through graduation from California State University, Bakersfield with a degree in

Business Administration. I have served on our local affiliate board, KAEOP, and am the Current

Past President. I am honored to be serving as your current CAEOP president.

I have been working in Education for thirty years. The last twenty-five have been with Kern

County Superintendent of Schools. I began with Child and Family Services. We operated 16

Child Development Centers, provided referrals and assisted with payments to licensed Home

Based Child Care providers in Kern County. My next assignment was with the Kern County

Consortium, Special Education Local Planning Area (SELPA) where we provided support to

Special Education programs, staff, and families throughout Kern County. My current position is

in District Financial Services. We support the business offices of the 47 school district in Kern

County. I audit district payrolls for PERS and STRS to ensure that employee’s earnings are

being correctly credited to their retirement system.

CAEOP is an amazing organization that provides educational office employee opportunities to

network with other office educational employee, grow professionally and make lasting

friendships. Through various fund raising projects we are fortunate to be able to provide

scholarship opportunities to both high school seniors as well as our members who want to

continue their education. We recognize budding artists at the elementary school level and award

outstanding educational professionals. I hope that, if you are given the opportunity to serve on a

committee or in a position with your local affiliate, CAEOP or NAEOP, that you will consider

taking this step.  Please join us this year by attending some of the AEOP events throughout the

year. Mark your calendar to attend the annual CAEOP conference February 28-29, 2020 in

beautiful Morro Bay California.

CAEOP will bring growth to you personally and professionally as “Together we can, Defy Gravity,

as CAEOP turns 70”. I love hearing from members and affiliates, feel free to contact me

anytime; my contact information is in this newsletter

Enjoy spring!

Mary Alice Means, CAEOP President

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