Together, We Can Defy Gravity, as CAEOP turns 70
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CAEOP in Action!

Message from Outgoing NAEOP President - Lisa Morehouse

A year ago in Greenville, South Carolina, I presented the national association with my theme, “Accept the Challenge – Become the Difference”. During the year in my communications with members and my visits to 11 states, I saw first-hand the challenge had been accepted.  From top notch professional development offered to members through their state and area conferences, to the strong communications being shared among members, to the networking done by many of the 2,100 NAEOP members in our Became the Difference!

I gave the same challenge to the 2017-2018 Board of Directors. What did they do with it? They rolled up their sleeves and dug in. From the get-go they were not afraid to ask: “why” or “what if” or “has it served its purpose”. This challenged us! And by asking these questions we began to think outside the box. This thinking has jump started a whole new realm of possible changes for NAEOP going forward. And they did more than ask questions. They put on professional development workshops, communicated with their council’s and areas, participated in fundraising, helped gather support from administrators and networked throughout the year. It was a tremendous privilege to work with this extremely innovative group of leaders. My heartfelt thanks to each of them!

I received numerous communications throughout the year from so many members wanting to share their concerns, news about a NAEOP member or new ideas for NAEOP. Through letters and notes as well as emails of support and encouragement, I was able to reach across the United States. Whether our link was via handwritten letters, Facebook, phone calls or in person...I loved networking with so many of you. I hope we continue this connection. 

I am so impressed with the energy and the thirst for growth displayed by so many of our members. After our conference two weeks ago, I came away knowing NAEOP is moving in the right direction. This past year we worked, we laughed, we played and then we worked some more. We Accepted the Challenge and together We Became the Difference!

Your ideas, input, and enthusiasm are what makes this association thrive. Continue them as we Shine our Light down the road and move NAEOP forward with the leadership of your 2018-2019 NAEOP President, Susan Belliston!

Thank you for the privilege of serving as your NAEOP President.

Lisa Morehouse, CEOE

2017-2018 NAEOP President

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