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In Search Of Professional Development?

Are you behind in the latest Professional Development? Need to earn your PIP/PSP points but don’t have the time or resources to travel? You might want to take a look at when you have a moment. In their own words, “ is a free professional learning network that hosts online communities and engaging webinars for educators - anytime, anywhere.” The best part about it? It’s free.

A community of educators gather and share resources via webinars that will help you improve your skill sets. Choose from hundreds of archived webinars, or sign up for an upcoming one. You can see what is going to be offered from the calendar that they have posted. Even better, you can take a CE Quiz after your webinar and get your Certificate of Completion with the professional development hours listed emailed to you.

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What a great way for you to get those final PD hours in to recertify or to hit your goal on the PIP/PSP chart. To get there, go to:

When we’re all looking for additional ways to boost our professional development keep in mind that there are professional learning networks (PLNs) out there to join as well. The communities through are a great start. You can also connect with others who have similar jobs by following the other AEOE’s through Twitter or Facebook. When you grow your PLN, you have a knowledge base so vast at your fingertips. How wonderful the world can be when you get stuck on how to do something and all you need to do is post about it and others come running with help. Remember to FAIL is the First Attempt In Learning so never be afraid to fail.

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