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CAEOP in Action!

Conference Planning Highlights #CAEOP18

Letters announcing the CAEOP Conference were mailed to all Principals and Office Professionals in the Santa Maria area.  In addition, letters were sent to the Mayor of Santa Maria asking if she would give a brief welcome at the conference.  The letters sent to the Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce and Santa Barbara COE announced the conference and asked for help in finding a color guard for the opening ceremony.

Cyndee Amezcua and Ruby Martinez are very busy finding us the best speakers and workshop presenters available!  The keynote speaker has been secured, and Field Service Requests have been send to NAEOP requesting NAEOP President Lisa Morehouse, CEOE and NAEOP Immediate Past President Wendy Heslink, CEOE to also be presenters at our conference. 

A draft registration form was sent to the Conference Committee for review.  The conference brochure and registration form will be ready to present to the Board in September.  It should be ready for distribution in October/November.

Sarah Tierce

Conference Co-Chairman

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