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What are we doing in between conferences? Preparing for the next! A Message from Rosemary Culleeney-Duff, CEOE

As Executive Contracts Consultant, I am happy to share with you what I am doing for the upcoming Annual CAEOP Conference.  After having spoken with Lori Ortell, then President Elect, I learned that she loves the Santa Maria area and it was her wish that we have the culmination of her Presidency and conference in the Santa Maria area.

After narrowing down the best options for CAEOP, I further negotiated with Santa Maria Radisson Hotel and, following a review with the President and the Annual Conference Chairman, brought forward a contract that was approved by the Executive Board covering lodging, meeting space, food and beverage, and amenities.

I work with the Executive Board to obtain the rooming lists and work with the hotel’s reservation manager to secure rooms not only for the conference but also for site visits and board meetings.

Here is what the usual conference schedule looks like – something like 20 meetings, professional developments, and food events happen over a four-day period:

  • Wednesday: Hotel Staff & Conference Committee Meeting, Executive Board Meeting, and Parliamentary Procedures Meeting

  • Friday:  Opening Ceremony & Keynote Speaker, Breakouts, Spirit Luncheon, Breakouts, Affiliate Night

  • Saturday: Opening and Speaker, Annual Meeting, Awards Luncheon, Breakouts, End Note Speaker, Reception, Installation Banquet

  • Sunday:  Executive Board Meeting

Some of the details I work on for each individual meeting of each day of the conference are the following:

  • How many people are attending this meeting?

  • How are the tables set up – board room style, crescent style, full rounds, classroom?

  • What color table clothes and napkins?

  • If food and beverage is being served?  If so, propose a menu keeping cost and dietary restrictions in mind.

  • Make sure the space is open and ready before members arrive.

  • Ensure space is available for staging and tables in room for displays.

I am the primary and sole contact for communication with hotel representatives and the sole authorizing agent on behalf of CAEOP for charges against hotel master bills.

This position is something I never thought I would want to do; but it is a position I am thoroughly enjoying.  I am incredibly happy to work with such a fine CAEOP Executive Board and Conference Committee.  I thank Christine Harris for asking me last year and Lori Ortell this year for giving me this opportunity to learn something new.



Executive Contracts Consultant, 2017-2018


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