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@NAEOP Southwest Area Logo Contest Is Now Open For Submissions ~ Win a $50 Amazon GC

7/20/17 UPDATE: The winning logo for the NAEOP Southwest Area was created by Beth Heyden of CAEOP & RCAEOP

Beth received a gift card for Amazon in the amount of $50. 

Beth received a gift card for Amazon in the amount of $50. 


CAEOP has a strong relationship with NAEOAP (National Association for Educational Office Professionals) and their Southwest Area division. The NAEOP Southwest Area division consists of Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and Utah. Our Southwest Area logo has not been updated to reflect the states that are currently a part of this division and is in need of an overhaul. What better way to do this than a contest? 

Here is the current logo

The criteria for the contest is as follows: 

  • Newly created artwork must be an original design (Not copied off of a website)
  • All five states are to be included in the logo with things that are significant to that state.
  • Title of the logo is "NAEOP Southwest Area"

DEADLINE: June 25, 2017                         SUBMIT ARTWORK TO:

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