Together, We Can Defy Gravity, as CAEOP turns 70
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CAEOP in Action!

A Message From Your President

Greetings CAEOP Members!

I cannot believe that the 2017 Conference in Arrowhead is over and here we are in late May with June looming on the horizon.  Most of you are closing out your desks, working on graduations, and, even some, starting to prepare for the 17.18 school year.  Exciting and busy times for sure!  I hope you enjoyed your time at conference.  I know the Conference Committee worked hard for that to happen.  We have listened to your comments and suggestions and are inspired to offer an even better conference in 2018.

It is truly an honor to serve as your CAEOP President.  After my installation I received a journal.  I have it right next to my desk.  When thoughts and feelings surface about CAEOP, I jot down those thoughts.  I also wrote down comments that were kindly shared with me at the end of conference.  Here are just a few:  "we are 100 percent with you", "will it be easy, nope! worth it, absolutely", and "you are on the journey of a lifetime - a journey no one else will travel and no one else can judge."  Those words inspire me everyday to keep going and do my best to serve all of you and CAEOP.

There will be many upcoming workshops and presentations in the next year.  Please visit our website for all the details and needed information.  I hope to see you all on June 1, 2017 at our Professional Development Workshop "Situational Awareness - Personal Safety in the Workplace" to be held in Perris at Perris High School.  All details are on the website.

Until next time, "Stay the Course"

Lori Ortell, CEOE


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