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Own Your Position…Then Get That Promotion!

Be the best you can be in every position, and you will propel yourself to the top! Perks and promotions will line up before you, but only if you put in the effort. What kind of effort am I talking about? Be amazing, brand yourself, build up that resume. Here are some tips that will make you stand out and indispensable to your bosses and desirable to your future employers:

  • Put It All Out There!

    • Create sleek business cards, post a classy website, dazzling digital portfolio, and frame your degrees, credentials, and awards.

  • Dress the Part!

    • Haven’t you heard the saying, “Don’t dress for your job; dress for the job you are applying for.” Always look your best and be ready for any work occasion. Keep a spare - set of heels, scarf, pantsuit in the trunk.

  • Blow the Dust Off Your Resume!

    • Even if you are not actively looking for a promotion, update your resume, curriculum vitae, cover letter, or portfolio each time you have a new accomplishment, skills, schooling, or awards to add.

  • Networking in Multiple Ways!

    • Befriend everyone in your office, your floor, even your building! Who knows what acquaintance will tell you about a job opening or think of you when a position opens up?! Build a positive reputation at your workplace.

  • Leave a Memorable Digital Imprint!

    • Make sure you have a detailed, unique, pleasant closing signature to every email that has your contact details as well as an inspirational quote that relates to your work ethic.

  • Be a “Yes” Person!

    • Even if it’s a “No,” think about ways you can transform your response and action into a yes! For example, if your boss asks you to do something that is not possible due to time constraints, figure out a solution or alternative instead of just declining.

  • Be the Best Around with Your Title!

    • Do your research. Find out what special things people do in your same job position by talking to them, researching online, and reading books. Add new skills to your repertoire regularly even if it takes you out of your routine comfort zone.

Ironically, the better you are at your current position, the more likely someone will want to promote you up into an even better-paying, more challenging job. And, with your strong work ethic and excellent personal branding, you will be ready for it!

By Rosemary Culleeney-Duff, CEOE & PIP Certified

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