Together, We Can Defy Gravity, as CAEOP turns 70
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CAEOP in Action!

@caeop E-mail Addresses?!

I found through my Thursday night football game computer time that Google had a Google for Non-Profit section of their G-Suite company. In order to use their services we needed to go through a company named that vets non-profit organizations. I’m happy to say that CAEOP is now part of Google for Non-Profit.

We are allowed 10 free domain name email addresses. I chose the Elected Board members as well as some key roles that receive emails asking questions throughout the year, and during our busy time, as well as a generic one for general questions. The email addresses that were created are as follows:

Each of the Google accounts has not only their own email address that they can send from when contacting people but access to the Google Drive and Calendar as well, with a 30g storage space. The email addresses can be transfered over when positions change. I’m looking forward to seeing CAEOP’s future endeavors with adapting to the needs of our members as we see them today. 

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.


Beth Heyden


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