@NAEOP Southwest Area Logo Contest Is Now Open For Submissions ~ Win a $50 Amazon GC

7/20/17 UPDATE: The winning logo for the NAEOP Southwest Area was created by Beth Heyden of CAEOP & RCAEOP

Beth received a gift card for Amazon in the amount of $50. 

Beth received a gift card for Amazon in the amount of $50. 


CAEOP has a strong relationship with NAEOAP (National Association for Educational Office Professionals) and their Southwest Area division. The NAEOP Southwest Area division consists of Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and Utah. Our Southwest Area logo has not been updated to reflect the states that are currently a part of this division and is in need of an overhaul. What better way to do this than a contest? 

Here is the current logo

The criteria for the contest is as follows: 

  • Newly created artwork must be an original design (Not copied off of a website)
  • All five states are to be included in the logo with things that are significant to that state.
  • Title of the logo is "NAEOP Southwest Area"

DEADLINE: June 25, 2017                         SUBMIT ARTWORK TO: mcmeyers@graniteschools.org

Update from your President @naeop #caeop18 @Beaumont_SD @puhsd

 Dear CAEOP Team!

I wanted to thank all of you for your support and work you do on behalf of CAEOP.  We had very successful meeting(s) over this past weekend.  Our workshop was very well attended and it appears we will have made over $500 for our efforts.  Many thanks to all those who assisted with the workshop - Cyndee you did a great job!

Susan and Sarah have conference on course and moving forward in a positive direction with lots of enthusiasm and some fantastic plans to make conference the best ever!  Beth Heyden did an excellent job of narrowing down the tours for next years' conference...stayed tuned for the finalization of those; all I can say is WOW and Oh Boy! we are in for a real treat!

I want to thank our Beaumont Unified School District team members for making sure we had space for both our Conference Committee meeting and regular Board meeting.  Things were seamless; thanks Robin and Mahlana.

For those that were not in attendance I wanted to announce that the Board approved an increase in our scholarship dollars to $3,000.  At our conference in March we will be giving away three (3) $1,000 scholarships; a $2,000 increase over the $1,000 we had given out previously.  I will say - this will most likely be one of the highlights of my presidency.

Our meetings in September will also be amazing.  We will have PD put on by our Central District Director, Mary Alice Means from Kern AEOE.  The flier and more information will be coming out soon.  During that same weekend will be our budget committee meeting along with our regular Board meeting.  All events will be held in Bakersfield.

It is my hope that all of you will do your very best to place these meeting dates on your calendars and plan to attend.  We are the best we can be when all are in attendance - we are stronger and more efficient together!
We have much work to do this year.  Stay the Course and I will see you in September!

Lori Ortell, CEOE

Situational Awareness: Personal Safety in the Workplace

Last night was the first professional development workshop for the 2017-2018 CAEOP year. We were hosted by Perris High School in the Perris Union High School District.  As it's the end of the school year there were many activities going on around campus from, karaoke contests, the FFA celebration and the hustle and bustle of getting ready for graduation. It was nice to see all of the kids just doing their thing. 

As members came in they began networking, laughter and sincerely asking "How have you been?" It was great to see so many new faces in attendance amongst those we come to count on seeing at most of the events that have almost become staples to the CAEOP community. 

After a delicious dinner that Cyndee Amezcua organized for us from Steer & Stein, President Lori Ortell gave a great introduction about our speaker, Judy Miller, Director of Risk Management and Environmental Safety for Perris  Union High School District.  Judy kicked off her presentation about Situational Awareness: Personal Safety in the Workplace. 

One of the first things that Judy asked was, What is the most important safety tip? The answer, be aware. We all get so accustomed to things we do everyday over and over we fail to notice things that are out of place.   


We get so engrossed in our day to day that sometimes we don't notice even the simplest things that are right in front of our eyes.  most of us wouldn't have noticed this and just keep walking by.


When Judy pointed out to us that while this might not look out of place in a school setting upon closer inspection you know something is out of place. The best thing to do is to communicate with Admin and make contact with the authorities. 

Those are wires hanging out of the side pocket. Not exactly a common thing to see.  

Those are wires hanging out of the side pocket. Not exactly a common thing to see.  

While we're always busy and hustling around at our sites remember this; your life is important, if you see something, say something. It may seem like nothing but, being cautious can save your life and the lives of others. 

The 2017-2018 CAEOP Shirts Are Here!

For several years, the President of CAEOP has chosen not only a theme for their year, but a shirt color. Lori Ortell, CAEOP President for the 2017-2018 fiscal year has chosen a lightweight black polo shirt with a gold lamp of learning, the CAEOP logo. 

Today the shirts arrived for the new board members who have placed their orders already. Susan Smyth, Beth Heyden and Christine Harris received theirs shortly after they were delivered. Any board member who still wishes to purchase a shirt, please contact Lori Ortell for the order form. 

The new black and gold 2017-2018 CAEOP shirt.

The new black and gold 2017-2018 CAEOP shirt.

A Message From Your President

Greetings CAEOP Members!

I cannot believe that the 2017 Conference in Arrowhead is over and here we are in late May with June looming on the horizon.  Most of you are closing out your desks, working on graduations, and, even some, starting to prepare for the 17.18 school year.  Exciting and busy times for sure!  I hope you enjoyed your time at conference.  I know the Conference Committee worked hard for that to happen.  We have listened to your comments and suggestions and are inspired to offer an even better conference in 2018.

It is truly an honor to serve as your CAEOP President.  After my installation I received a journal.  I have it right next to my desk.  When thoughts and feelings surface about CAEOP, I jot down those thoughts.  I also wrote down comments that were kindly shared with me at the end of conference.  Here are just a few:  "we are 100 percent with you", "will it be easy, nope! worth it, absolutely", and "you are on the journey of a lifetime - a journey no one else will travel and no one else can judge."  Those words inspire me everyday to keep going and do my best to serve all of you and CAEOP.

There will be many upcoming workshops and presentations in the next year.  Please visit our website for all the details and needed information.  I hope to see you all on June 1, 2017 at our Professional Development Workshop "Situational Awareness - Personal Safety in the Workplace" to be held in Perris at Perris High School.  All details are on the website.

Until next time, "Stay the Course"

Lori Ortell, CEOE