Welcome to CAEOP!

The California Association of Educational Office Professionals is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing professional growth and training programs for non-certificated personnel and encourages its members to grow professionally to better understand their role in serving public and educational institutions.


  • Congratulations to RCAEOP's new President Mahlana Cove of Beaumont Unified School District
  • 's National Conference is coming up! Are you going? Let us know as we're going to get a CAEOP photo taken. Email Lori Ortell at lori.ortell@puhsd.org to let her know when you arrive and leave. See you there!
  • CAEOP now has a blog! We're going to do our best to keep you in the loop with the goings on while waiting for the next professional development opportunity. 
  • CAEOP is no longer accepting PayPal payments. Our new Square store will be available for use at PD events as well as the 2018 Conference. 
  • The 2018 68th CAEOP Conference has been announced. It will take place in Santa Maria, CA on March 8-10, 2018 SAVE THE DATE! 
  • Our Poster and Scholarship winners are now posted! 


CAEOP is dedicated in providing our members and educational office professionals with quality workshops. We also provide scholarships and donations to charitable foundations. IF you would like to request brochures, please click the link below.

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CAEOP provides workshops and professional development opportunities through the state of California.  If you or your colleagues are interested in becoming members of CAEOP please click the link below. 

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